Your father in the year 1957 "Mehmet Hüroğlu" distribution company established by our present "Faruk Hüroğlu" continues to operate by ...
Our Goals
Quality, Trust Inc. Connected to the principles of honesty t is to produce quality stoves.
For this purpose is the provision of technology innovations in our products reflecting customer satisfaction on follow-up visit.
Our quality policy
• based on the total quality philosophy, team spirit within the company to achieve the target volume Inc.
• self-assessment process by reviewing our business processes, determining the preventive approach to improve our performance,
• Continuous improvement of efficiency in all our processes in line EDİRNE be raised to a level that can compete in the international level,
• Encouraging innovative approaches've Creative, technical've implementation of education will improve behavioral competencies
our activities towards Environment, Health and Safety Management Systems Inc. Together with the integrated b managing sekılde durable example of our leadership in the industry in terms of quality, we work with all our strength to become a Foundation.